Thoughts on August

August is the last month of Summer and usually, for most of the people start of school & studies + the start of another season in the year. Honestly it took me a while to realise that my favorite season of the year was Autumn. I just love the vivid colors of the tree leaves, occasional sunny days when the weather is just right and sometimes even the rainy ones, although the positive person in me cringes even about the thought of rain, cold, mist and snow. Literally, I would be the worst person to live somewhere up north – thank the Universe that I do not.

So, the eight month of the year 2015 came and passed just like that, I did not even feel like I had time to blink and it was gone, I guess that happens when one tends to get busy as hell, no? Anyways, since I was buried deep into paper piles this month something good came out of it – I have finished writing my novel, “Postcard” and nearly finished editing it as well – so I hope that by the time next year hits, I will have unleashed it into the world of unknown and hope for the best.

Also, what happened in August – I came back to studies from Oxford, which was hard because that city made me fall in love with it without me noticing it. Oxford is essentially inspiring, due to its rich history with writers, scientists and so much many more. It is also hard to wrap your head around the fact that most of the city is a university – probably 95 % of the buildings there are either college or university buildings. Harry Potter, The Golden Compass and a ton more movies have been filmed there as well – so it felt like walking in a movie at all times. I have made friends, started liking what I am studying and learned so much that I never thought I would. Safe to say that going back was really hard to do.

Eventually after I came back, almost instantaneously I became busy in its truest meaning. Writing, editing, translating, studying, meeting people I have missed, job hunting, going on an improvised trip – the list could go on for miles, yet I won’t bore you with it.

All in all, August, 2015 was one of the months in my life to remember.

How’s your day?

When your best friend comes to visit…

You may have noticed that I took two days off from blogging and it was sadly not for travelling, yet it was a really exciting time for me, because my best friend came to visit and she did what she does best – dragged me out to socialize. Not that I am anti social or anything, it’s just that I like to sit at home, relax and maybe drink a cocktail or two, and I see nothing wrong with that, if anything, it is 5 pm somewhere in this world at nearly all the times.

Although my best friend likes to nag me about how much instant coffee I like to drink, she is right most of the time, because I am really, essentially powered by coffee – I love it & I am nitpicky about which one I like. Usually I go for half – roasted Columbian, however I do also sometimes enjoy the natural ground coffee ( which I have discovered just recently ). And you know, me and my best friend were just chatting on about life when she saw that rather huge tin of coffee sitting by my coffee pot, but what she said, I think is worth putting on the poster and framing.

“If you are going to poison yourself, at least do it with things that are of good quality.”

I expected her to lecture me about my excessive coffee drinking, but instead we just laughed this time, although I feel like she is not going to let this go that easy. Anyways, during these two days we went to a rather very gay – like play, which was a first for me, interesting, yet an experience I would not want to try again, mainly because it was not that good of a play – I came out of it not knowing what the main point of it was. Afterwards there was this funky jazz concert in town, so we hit that and damn, that was fun – I came back re-energized and more than ever ready to face what is coming my way with the new start of studies. I was proven again that life is unexpected in so many ways, you see, I never particularly was a Jazz music fan, but this concert proved me wrong and I realised that I kind of actually like it.

It is amazing, when you have a best friend who makes you do things you otherwise would not imagine doing.

How is your day?

Movies that had made me laugh recently

Movies! Who does not love them? Who does not watch them? Who has not watched at least one? Answer is – no one. Everyone has, at one point in their life watched a movie of some sorts.

I’d like to believe that movies began with the Hollywood rise – the popularity of them, although I won’t go in there – did a report about movies and movie companies back in high – school and while it has been interesting, it has also been very long, so I will not bother you with that until some other time ( I am still working on it ( to make sure I have all the facts correct, you know. )

So, cutting to the chase there, I have recently been back from my internship, more like about close to three weeks now, I believe, and since I have returned home, I was quite busy, and just now I had a few days off to really relax and that lead to watching movies. Not a ton of them, just two and those two I actually ended up liking enough to write about them.

The first one I have liked is called “A Few Best Men”and it has been released a while ago – back in 2011 ( I have honestly no clue why I have not watched it earlier, because I don’t remember ever laughing whilst watching a movie so much before ). The description of this movie, which I’ve found online was very short and goes somewhat like this:

“A guy and his three best friends travel to Australia where said guy is actually marrying a rich girl.”

Does not say much about what is going to happen, now does it? But I decided to give it a chance anyway – the picture of the movie on the side looked intriguing enough to make me click “play”. “A Few Best Men” has been directed by Stephan Elliot, who is an Australian himself, screenplay has been written by Dean Craig, who wrote “Off The Hook” ( BBC series ). Music on this movie has been phenomenally enjoyable and has been composed by Guy Gross ( that is the guys real name incase you have been wondering ). He is also Australian.

So, what made me laugh about this movie? Plot is simple, easy to follow, yet the jokes are just brilliant – they have dressed a sheep in funny clothing, then attempted to chase it. Basically, if you could imagine a wedding gone wrong, this movie would be it, it just happens to be ridiculously comical and amazing at that – if you have any time to watch it, I definitely recommend doing so.

Another movie which I have liked and which has made me laugh is called “The Duff”. “Duff” term standing for “Designated ugly, fat friend” and is sort of rom – com, sort of light drama, romance movie that is very easy to watch. It is enjoyable – it features one awkward character who has awesome friends and a weird, jock – type neighbor who also happens to be the football team captain and the protagonist is also friends with him. This movie features a classic shot of trying on outfits, dating, school scenes and well, a makeover. The guy gets the girl in the end, so that is a bonus too.

“The Duff” is actually a book adaptation of the novel by Kody Keplinger, of the same title. Movie is very new – has been released in 2015 and has a very young cast ( which is a given, because nearly all of them are acting as high – school students ), it has been directed by Ari Sandel, who has won an Academy Award back in 2006, screenplay is by Josh A. Cagan, who is both a writer and an actor. Overall – I found “The Duff” to be easily enjoyable.

How’s your day?


So think for a minute – which one thing in the world does not have a label? A hard question which has been bothering me for quite a bit. And in reality I do not think there is one thing which would not have a label, because labels, are, essentially names, but then you have titles, which add to those labels and some of them are interchangeable – some stay for the rest of your life.

For instance, I think “friend” is the easiest label to change and it usually either becomes something more, which would mean a relationship status change ( which can change even easier than the “friend” label ) or it could become something less and become “acquaintance” or worse, a “nobody”. I did mention relationships and those are solely based on friendships & feelings clashed together, but when one of those crumbles down, the status changes quickly – trust me, I would know, even though I think I still need tons more of experience in that particularly tricky field of life.

Another set of labels which can change even easier than “friend” or “girlfriend”/”boyfriend” is the set of “flatmate”/”roommate”/”housemate”, etc. – simply everything that falls into that category. The reality is that people move every single day for more than one reason and they tend to rent rather than buy places to live in until they eventually settle down and get married ( but even that label can change when one does get a divorce ) or get a stable job ( which they love to pieces ) or, which is most likely going to happen in my case – get a place for the sake of having where to come back to consistently.

There are also labels that define you who you are professionally – “waiter”, “dentist”, “mechanic”, “dancer”, “writer”, “blogger” and in your free time – “gym – fanatic”, “runner”, “cyclist”, “painter” ( that could be a profession too, as well as a free – time hobby ) – you get what I mean, yet those, whilst interchangeable, unfortunately or fortunately tend to stay with you for the rest of your life. ( The saying “Choose wisely” now makes a lot more sense as well. )

However, there is one set of labels which does not change – that is related to family. It is those labels, like “dad”, “mom”, “sister”, “daughter”, “brother”, “son”, “aunt”, “uncle”, etc. – those stay and will never get changed.

In the end, I think those labels do define us to others until they get to know us personally and that says a lot, so if you could change any of your labels, which one would you change?

How’s your day?

Back to studies, among other things

I remember when I used to get excited about going back to school, I was a nerd – I loved learning for the sake of learning. I was and still am extremely curious and have goals that to some, might seem impossible – but what is important, is that they are real to me.

So what does going back to college mean to me now? It merely means going back to the routine, yet learning how to do the job which I love, even if in the future I might be doing something entirely else! Face it – we live in the era, where working in one sphere all your life is just not a reality anymore. Change is hard, nonetheless you never know what might be lurking around the corner if you just try. I will be done with my dentistry studies sooner than I thought and to be honest with you – it scares me more than anything else has ever did, yet this time going back means that I am one step closer to my dreams becoming a reality, no matter how insane they seem to some people.

Going back is easy once you have tried it, starting is hard – all the starts in life are. But I believe the saying goes somewhat that after one end, there is always a new beginning. If you are starting college this year, the only advice I could give you, is – do not be afraid to say “yes” to more things. And get used to the taste of noodles ( you will be eating a ton of those ) + a 5 subject notebook & a decent laptop might be a good thing to consider as well. Honestly, college & university is very different from highschool, since you are not put into frames, can learn in whichever way you want, and most important – you are free to do whatever you want.

Which brings me to another subject – get to know the right people at the right time.Because without the right connections you might be going nowhere.

Life just happens to be working that way and believe me, I had to learn that the hard way. But in the end, you are supposed to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, since who else will do it if not you?

How is your day?

A little bit about everything/Why I love travelling

There are over a billion flights every single day to millions of destinations. I am sure that the percentage of people who have flown on a plane vs those who did not is far bigger. Despite the flights, there are also busses, trains, cars, biking, hitch-hiking,  – you name it! I suppose people travel for tons of reasons nowadays as well – you may have to commute for work reasons ( I did that a couple of times – fun! ), meetings, studies, long – distance relationships, etc. Honestly, I think we are in the age where even whilst having social media, people do value the face – to – face communication more. Of course Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & E-mail’s are useful for distance, yet I believe only for a short time. So, the conclusion is – people travel, every day, everywhere, because solving things or seeing them in close proximity is better than trough a computer, tablet or a phone screen.

The reasons why I travel are always different and I love it even more because of it. I do want to travel the world one day ( who doesn’t? ), yet I have studies and money issues standing in the way. I do think of my world travelling as some sort of like patch work – every once in a while I do try to add a new country to the places which I’ve visited list. I’ve travelled before for long distance relationships – it’s hard, although it makes you realise that love can be powerful ( cue cliché ). Another reason for travels which I’ve had – visiting family – they literally are scattered all around Europe and USA, which makes it exciting for me – I have a new place to see and somewhere to stay + I do miss them, so it all adds up somehow. I’ve also travelled places for exchange studies, internships ( very recently actually ), work – related things. All of it has been fun, however I have never honestly travelled just for the sake of travelling.

Nonetheless, out of all that travelling I have learned to love flying and getting lost in new places – you know when you randomly walk around the city you’ve just come to and suddenly discover something new? . That is solely the thing I love most about travels.

Wandering around perhaps is the best way to get acquainted with a new place.

How’s your day?

Is it right or is it wrong?

Have you ever felt that you did not fit in or were just not enough at some point in your life? I am pretty sure I have and that you did you, I mean, unless you are full of that thing, called self-esteem, which I lack some days more than others ( I believe that a lot of people do ). There are millions if not billions of people who have talked about this topic which I am breaching now, yet I have my twist on it + thoughts & ideas, just like everyone else.

You know, feeling like you do not fit in somewhere is probably one of the worst, because you feel alone. I felt that way when I realised my major was perhaps not the right for me, also when I met someone new and they introduced me to their group of friends. Of course, after a while it started to feel okay, almost like I belonged there, yet in the beginning its awkward. I think probably a lot of people get that feeling of not fitting in on their first day of school, new work – place, or college & uni. I for sure have – on my first day of college I wanted to scream and run away like a headless chicken. Instead I did not – shut my mouth, waited for a bit, looked around & attempted to make friends. It felt okay after a few days. Same with highschool, even though I never really fit in there – was a part of the outcasts you could say. I almost loved it and why? – it gave me more time to study & read, therefore develop knowledge of which I am proud of today.

Sometimes you feel like you do not fit in or are not enough of the way you think, talk or dress.

Of course, in life, diplomacy is one of the key elements to success.

And that should be taken into consideration when talking with people – since knowing the right people at the right time and in the right place can make you go places ( that is the reality check ). You should learn to listen what anybody has to say, because people are needy creatures by nature, what do we care about the most? OURSELVES. Even if we do not admit it some days.

However, is being different so bad? I mean fitting in essentially became as a synonym to blending in – dressing like others, etc. That will get boring in a while. It is fun & exciting to mix things up you know. Very exciting. So do not be afraid to stand out – yet always consider in which occasion you are doing that. Sometimes it might be better to blend in ( but there are not a lot of those days, I assure you ).

Now I know it is a lot of rambling, that is my usual me 🙂

How is your day?


     You never know what life might bring on your way. You never know what might inspire you or with who you will fall in love with one day. In other words, life is this amazing thing which has ups and downs, consistently.

Essentially life is one big, rather exciting, rollercoaster.

     I have not been blogging, nor have I been inspired enough to do it. You see, I do not view blogging as work, merely it is something I do because it makes me feel better, heard and it feels like my thoughts matter ( even though every single person out there in this world has their own opinion. I am not making promises to blog every day or even every second day, mainly because I have no idea what I am going to do, yet, however I am going to try to write every day. Mainly, the reason why I am going to do that is – it does improve my writing skills, and hopefully inspires someone or makes someone smile. I have come up with a content, which should be entertaining ( I wish, yet we all know that things malfunction, I go travelling and then it all goes pretty much to shame, but hey, at the very least I am gong to be trying. )

     Truth be told, my life now, seems to be on the highest point of the rollercoaster, you know when you go up slow and then, everything seems to go by very fast? I am at that point in my life exactly now, it feels like it anyways, because for the first time in few years I am really focusing on myself and my goals, which are essentially my dreams. Honestly, I think everyone should do it, at least try – to reach their dreams that is.

     Another thing which is happening and has been happening for a while, well, it is my novel, I have been working on it for a while and it has been in the editing stage for what seems like decades, but soon enough I have high hopes that I should be able to release it out 🙂

How is your day?

Weird memories ( or not ? )

     Do you ever think about those times when you felt an intense emotion which, in progress has created a memory which made you think about certain things later on?  As you may know or not, I have been away from home doing an internship in the UK for the last two months ( if you follow me on Twitter I have been posting a ton of pictures there of my adventures ) While the internship itself was insanely eye – opening, I also have changed a bit and noticed some feelings which have turned into memories.

      First one was when I had 5 pounds to live by for a week and that is legit. It was nearly in the beginning of my internship, scary, yet I have surpassed it and it makes me feel proud of myself. 5 pounds for 7 days, sounds a bit like a challenge? It was, also I think some people did that as a challenge and filmed it + put in on YouTube ( check that out, some of them are quite inspiring ). It is a long story how I got to that and I do assure you – no shopping or extensive coffee drinking was involved ( a teensy tiny bit, guilty *insert a smile here* ) nor I did that for a challenge, it just happened that my scholarship was late by a week, not a big deal, yet something rather monumental to remember. Anyways, I was walking around and I sort of realised the value of having money – that was a painfully odd feeling to have and I am not sure how to describe it in the best way possible – yet it has created a memory worth going back to + re-thinking my money-saving skills ( guilty, yet hey, I have learned my lesson ).

     Another feeling was the one which I got when I got back home from an internship – it felt almost surreal how used to Oxford I have become during those two short months of the 2015 Summer, although I did not realise that until I got back ( it was nice to be welcomed back with some delicious homemade food though ). However, I do understand just now how valuable is a place which feels like home, you know – well lived in, decorated with small knick – knacks and what – nots, pictures of family + friends which are awkwardly “warm” to look at and a place to which you always want to come back to. Yet… I do not think I have a place like that just yet. Yes, where I live now is a place in which I live in, share my life moments I will never get back with those closest to me, but… it does not feel homey just yet. I guess I am still on a search on that place where I will eventually settle down for years, however I am still relatively young, even though I do not feel that way, maybe I just have an old soul + the fact that I am a self – proclaimed autodidact does make me feel a bit older ( I’d like to think so ).

     Feeling number three, well it is rather more on a personal level than anything else, nonetheless, I felt absolutely right, when I moved out of the place in which I lived in, in Oxford that is. Not because I was happy to go back home ( I was beyond excited, however that is not the point ), but because of something that my landlord told me, which felt absolutely right – it was along the lines of people changing, predominantly though he said that in 10 years I will be a different person than I am today – I’d like to think that. I mean, I feel it now, after two months of the internship which tought me more things than I could ever imagine and I will elaborate on that someday this week.

      And finally – Yay, I am back to blogging – I would be lying if I said that I did not miss it. How is your day?

Thoughts on May

So, May. Another month where I have not been posting every month. Honestly though? I was doing things, like writing a book, a script, watching Eurovision ( for those who do not know what it is, well, it is the longest running music contest that is broadcasted worldwide in which all the countries of European continent compete, this year it was the 60th time that it has been arranged ). Basically, you could say that I was not prioritising my blog writing as much as I did before. I still love it, do not get me wrong, but now I am realising that there are things that need my attention more than my writing, since they are of the utmost importance.

Anyways, May, right? The last month of the studies for almost everyone and the start of holidays for some. I had exams, nailed them, even though I was worried about them but I have learned that studying a ton helps and having a smart phone ( sometimes ). Also, no one really cares if you go grocery shopping in sweatpants and with zero makeup on. People generally do not really care about your appearance unless you smell terrible/look like you haven’t slept in ages or dress really oddly which sometimes is good and other times, might be bad.

The month of May is one of my favorites actually – everything just starts being better it seems. It is color injected, warmer, lighter, the list just goes on.

But literally, the most important thing I have learned this month and so far this year – dreams do not come to you, you have to work for them and when the opportunity presents itself, be ready to just jump into the unknown, it will be scary, but worth it.

How’s your day?